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Friday, November 22, 2013

It‘s odd how it all started, how my fate, my destiny entangled with hers’.  It started with a bet.

We were sitting under the big neem tree in college: ‘Kutti suvar’ the lecturers used to call, a place restricted for the outcasts, misfits. Classrooms were only for imbeciles.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Before the title of the post plant wrong ideas about what this post might be let me state that this is the title of short story which I wrote some time back. Remember, I referred to a short story and a contest  in my previous post? This is it.

I chose the title to be cheesy, romantic to have those elements at least in the title:P. When I heard about the contest I thought about working on this post which I thought had come out well pertaining to the genre. On second thoughts I was tempted to work on something new to test whether I could trump my previous one which was written long time ago when my approach to writing was to think of what I would do or what I would say in a given situation and leaving traces or my psyche in the story. But fiction is more than that and it demands ability to create and write on people who are nothing like you or anyone you know. In short I set out to write a truly fictional piece in all aspects.

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